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For years, HSQLDB has been Java developers' best choice for development, testing and deployment of database applications.

We have maintained our leading position through continuous enhancements. A major development effort in the last 5 years has resulted in version 2.0, the most advanced open source RDBMS for small and medium sized databases.

HSQLDB SupportWare allows individual developers, corporations and organizations to support the maintenance and development of HSQLDB.

Participation in the program is by annual subscription.

SupportWare Subscription

Developer subscription - $100 or 80
Corporate subscription - internal use or less than 50 distributed units - $400 or 320
Premier Corporate subscription - large-scale use or distribution - from $1000 or 800

Developer subscription covers one developer (the subscription can be made in the name of a company). Corporate subscription covers all the developers that work with HSQLDB in the organization. The suggested amounts for Premier Corporate subscription are the minimum recommended amounts. If you consider that your use of HSQLDB warrants a larger contribution, please use your discretion.

See also the separate section at the end of this page on Project Sponsorship.

SupportWare Benefits

  • Subscribers will be get priority bug-fix and enhancement releases.
  • Subscribers will get priority support.
  • Subscribers' wishes are taken into account in the development effort.

It is in the interest of every developer and deployer that HSQLDB is actively maintained and improved. We have avoided licensing restrictions on the use and distribution of HSQLDB and would like to keep it this way.

The proceeds from subscriptions will fund development and support. The support element will be provided to subscribers only.

We will continue to provide free, voluntary support to Open Source project developers only. We may also answer simple questions from new, unsubscribed users if we have spare time.

How to join

Please subscribe to HSQLDB SupportWare now. We need many subscriptions and sponsorships to cover the current full-scale release cycle.

You can pay your annual subscription in either the US Dollar amount or the Euro amount, whichever is more convenient. There are two methods of payment:

  • Send an email to fredt (at) users.sourceforge.net and ask for an invoice, stating the level of subscription and payment method. An invoice will be sent to you that allows you to pay direct by credit card, transfer, or other methods.
  • Pay direct by credit card or transfer via Jochen Merz Software's secure payment system:
Developer subscription $100 80
Corporate subscription $400 320
Premier Corporate subscription



Subscriptions are collected and allocated by the HSQLDB Project Maintainer, Fred Toussi. Your name and information is considered strictly confidential. If you wish, you can explicitly opt to include your name (developer or organization) in a list on this page, otherwise no reference to your name will be made.

Project Sponsorship

Feature Sponsorship allows an organization to sponsor specific new features or improvements. If your organization would benefit from the addition of a new feature or capability to HSQLDB, you can fund its development after discussion and agreement with Fred Toussi, the Project Maintainer. Please send an email to fredt (at) users.sourceforge.net

Project Sponsorship For 2011, we also welcome corporate project sponsors to support the general development of the software. Project sponsors will be featured on our home page and can include their news and announcements.

How is the Project funded

All development and maintenance prior to 2005 was done voluntarily. Since 2005, SupportWare, sales of licenses for the HyperXtremeSQL product and professional support services, have all contributed to the development effort. Full time development of HSQLDB has been very effective, with extensive new features added in version 2.0 and point releases. SupportWare is an essential component in continuing development.

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