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Software using HSQLDB

Open Source Software Using HSQLDB

Office and Productivity

Mathematics and Science

  • Kepler scientific modeling and workflow
  • SPECIALIST biomedical and general English lexicon

Web Portals

  • Liferay - web portal and social office

Business Management

Issue Tracking


Application and code development

  • tongue-tied - multilanguage resource management for Java and other platforms
  • Hammurapi - automates code review and quality control

Application Servers and Frameworks

Other Software

Open Source Software for use with HSQLDB


Object Relational Mapping Software

  • Hibernate
  • Open JPA - JPA
  • DataNucleus - JDO3 and JPA2
  • jIncarnate - compiles plain SQL into Java code that uses JDBC
  • jOOQ - is a type-safe Java API for SQL which supports several database engines, using advanced SQL, including stored procedures and UDTs

Database Clustering Software

Database Development and Admin Utilities

  • Flyway - Database Migration and change management
  • Liquibase - DB schema and data change management
  • JAMon - JDBC monitoring and stats
  • DiffKit - compare and diff data in database tables, supports several database systems and flat files

Database Management Systems Incorporating HSQLDB

  • Volt DB - next generation RDBMS for high-performance OLTP uses HSQLDB for SQL processing
  • EffiProz - database engines for use with Microsoft technologies based on HSQLDB 2.0 translated into C#.
  • HyperXtremeSQL - very high performance Java database engines based on HSQLDB 1.8 and 2.2.

Commercial Software Using HSQLDB

Mathematics and Science

  • Mathematica - leading maths software
  • Hedgehog - new Java API for numeric and geometric modeling

Business Management

Issue Tracking


Software Build + Integration Management

Project Management  / Team Collaboration

  • Yoxel PCM is a desktop application that helps you succeed with projects by leveraging project-based email communication and enhancing team collaboration experience.


  • hybris supplies Product Information Management software for the media-neutral management of product information and its use in both e-commerce and printed catalog channels.
    By default HSQLDB is bundled as backing database for our J2EE persistence layer optimally
    suited for easy distribution.

Mobile Application Development

  • MobiForms mobile application development tool offers an
    intuitive graphical drag and drop development environment. A user can deploy and run a full blown Java application on
    Pocket PC, Windows CE and Windows Mobile running against a local mobile
    HSQLDB database.

Personal Investment Management

  • The Fifth Animal allows active investors to analyze their stock trades, generate reports, keep extensive notes... "Traditionally there were 4 animals on Wall Street: bulls, bears, hogs and sheep..."

Extent of use of HSQLDB in open source software

  • HyperSQL is used in well over 1700 open source projects. See the Antelink web site for some figures:

Research Using HSQLDB

  • Relational Cloud - partitioned data among multiple HyperSQL databases
  • AJHSQLDB - research in aspect oriented refactoring using HSQLDB source code

New Open Source Software

This list is of course not complete. Especially, hundreds of open-source projects that use HSQLDB have not been listed. Please feel free to submit a link to be added to this list. We only publish links to well-established software on this page. New and up-and-coming software releases of special interest may also be listed.

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